Required Equity Court Sale Form

  • Pursuant to Court Decree in
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  • I will sell at public auction to highest bidder in Court Room #5 at The Greenville County Court House on
  • 11:00 a.m. the following property:
  • The property will be sold subject to any past due or accruing property taxes, assessments, existing easements and restrictions of record and any other senior encumbrances. This property will be sold subject to the
  • You can enter NONE if there are no senior encumbrances.
  • Each successful bidder other than plaintiff at time bid is accepted will be required to deposit with Master as evidence of good faith 5% of bid in cash or certified check at the time of bid. In event purchaser fails or refuses to comply with terms of sale within 20 days from close of bidding, deposit shall be forfeited and applied first to costs and then to Plaintiff's debt, and the Master shall forthwith re-advertise and resell said property upon the same terms on some subsequent sales day at the risk of former purchaser until obtaining full compliance with sale.
  • Terms of sale - cash; purchaser to pay for deed and stamps.
  • Attention is drawn to the Court Order on file with the Clerk of Court for Greenville County. The terms and conditions of the actual Court Order, to the extent of any inconsistencies, control over any terms or conditions contained in the Notice of Sale.

    Charles B. Simmons, Jr.
    Equity Court Judge